Gunalt is the top winning Weimaraner kennel in the UK of all time with over 90 UK Show Champions (NOT Winners)!

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Welcome to our Website!
We are the Top UK Weimaraner 
Kennel with over 90 Champions!

Top UK Weimaraner kennel in the history of the breed. Proud holder of all records in the breed, including Top Brood, Top CC Winner, and Top Breeder with 90 UK Champions.

In 2017, we celebrated 4 new UK Show Champions, 11 different CC Winners for us and other owners.

Champions in Australia, Barbados, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and the Top Winners in Norway.

We are here to help and provide advice on caring and breeding for anyone who has bought a puppy from us. Whether it is for training, working trials, agility, competing in the show ring or just as a valued family member we will endeavour to answer any queries you have and provide support for you and your dogs throughout your life together.

We attract Hearts by the Qualities we Display;

We Retain them by the Qualities we Possess.